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Shelby Burford

The Seattle Times once printed, “Knowing Shelby Burford is like knowing Forrest Gump. The stories never stop.” Shelby serves founders and executives with narratives that capture the attention of the marketplace. Through communications strategy, copywriting, and presentation design, he helps companies put words and visuals to the value their products and services possess.

But the journey that led to this niche is (fittingly) a story in itself.

At the age of fourteen, Shelby started a scrappy graphic design business from his childhood bedroom, earning a modest income but notable volume of local and national media attention. After appearances on The Ellen Degeneres ShowWheel of Fortune, and The Price is Right revealed a knack for successful pitching, Shelby narrowed his focus to assist brands in doing the same.

Shelby has since served business leaders at Microsoft, Elemental Machines, Arevo, Bitome, Global Gene Corp, AXON, Delilah, Biz Kid$, Media+, DFNDR Body Armor, Stringo Media, Lakrits Design, Labs8, and many other startups in their quests to put their best feet forward in writing or in person.


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