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Helping brands articulate

their value propositions.


May I put words in your mouth?

Core Brand Messaging

My favorite words live at the intersection of brevity and creativity. 

My fiercest opponents are hard-earned jargon and well-meaning hyperbole.

I help engineers, inventors, and executives communicate the value of their products or services with aha-inducing clarity washed down with whimsy.

Pitch Strategy & Presentation Design

I help executives put their best feet forward for presentations of consequence.


I serve founders, executives, sales teams, and thought leaders with highly visual slides and thoughtful narratives that prompt their audiences to write checks, close rounds, and seal deals.

About Shelby

The Seattle Times once printed, “Knowing Shelby Burford is like knowing Forrest Gump. The stories never stop.” Today, Shelby crafts narratives that capture the attention of the marketplace. Through communications strategy, copywriting, and presentation design, he helps companies put words and images to the value their products and services possess.


Let's talk.

Seattle, Washington


shelby [at]


Tel: 913.484.7365

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